The church of Mater Dolorosa is a Christian landmark located in Samsun. It was constructed by Capuchin Monks in 1846 to serve the Catholic community of Samsun and Rome Catholic Church. This magnificent and historic structure holds great significance, as it represents the struggles faced by religious individuals.


Italian Capuchin Monks living in Georgia were under a lot of pressure from the community due to their religion. Therefore, they had to leave their country and embark on a journey to start a new life. During their journey, they met other expatriates who were Latin Catholics. Eventually, they settled in Samsun and built a wooden church named Mater Dolorosa in 1846 to worship freely. They also established many churches in different places, including Giresun and Trabzon during the same period.

Later on, an Italian woman donated her land to the Maristes priests, who constructed a church and a home on this terrain. The grand priests established a monastery and school to educate the children of the town with the help of nuns, who were members of the Saint Joseph religious order in 1851. This establishment was named the French Catholic School.

During the Ottoman period, under the reign of Sultan V Murat, there was toleration between Christians, Muslims, and other religions. Hence, this miraculous construction was rebuilt, which symbolizes tolerance and peace, in 1876. Two years later, the French Consulate took responsibility for the church to keep it alive and protect it.

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In 1885, a monastery was built next to the church to provide residence for the monks, and an annex was added for Christian families to rent. A cemetery was also discovered on the site, and the walls of the church were decorated with icons and frescoes.

However, in later years, various groups, including the Young Turks, attempted to demolish the church. In 1913, when they took over the holy building, the priests were forced to live in a small, neglected room with poor living conditions for a long time.

In 1966, Father Roberto Ferrari Umile, a significant historical figure, began serving this amazing church. During his time at the monastery, a Nuncio visited to see him, and he organized a pageant here before leaving the church in 1973. In 1998, the church underwent various renovation studies by Father Ruggero Francesch, Elena, and Nico.

Today, this wonderful church, which has a multicultural and multiethnic past, is open to visitors. It allows both domestic and foreign tourists to appreciate its fascinating architectural features.


This unique masterpiece of a church measures 8m x 12m. A cemetery and cloister were added next to this amazing construction in 1885. Special rooms for priests or monks to rest and pray were also included.

In addition, the church captivates visitors with its dreamy and spectacular frescoes, as well as icons depicting Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and angels on its walls. Moreover, the windows provide natural illumination that creates a mystical and magical atmosphere inside the church.


Turkey is a country that is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, and Samsun is one of the best examples of this. The Mater Dolorosa Church is just one of the many amazing sites that visitors can experience when they come to this beautiful city.

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