The Hamamyagi Thermal Spring, located in the village of Hamamyagi in the Ladik district of Samsun, is a legendary and proverbial healing source. This magnificent hot spring is one of the most significant tourist destinations, offering healing water, picnic sites, and travel plazas. As a result, it has become one of the world’s most popular and well-known hot springs, providing a distinguished and elegant experience for visitors.


Through extensive research on the multifunctional Hamamyagi Thermal Spring, several documents and books have been discovered, including the renowned travelogue “Seyahatname” by the great historian Evliya Çelebi, which has been included in the Memory of the World Register. In this writing, Evliya Çelebi provided valuable information about the Hamamyagi hot spring. According to the book, the history of this splendid healing center dates back to ancient times, such as the Roman and Greek eras.

In the Greek and Roman bath culture, bathing was one of the most common daily activities. They used baths not only for relaxation and personal hygiene but also for healing purposes. The Roman bath involved a complex ritual that included hot water with incredible, dizzying, relaxing, and refreshing odors and perfumes, as well as massages with oils and final scraping with metal tools. The hot thermal waters were also applied to relieve suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, and arthralgia. The Hamamyagi hot spring continues to provide visitors with these healing and relaxing benefits today.

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In addition, the natural spring and bath culture of the Greeks were reflected in literature and science. The famous Greek historian and ancient author, Herodotus, specified “The Main Principles of Spa Treatment” in his book, which was divided into nine parts. Furthermore, according to Greek Mythology, some natural springs or tidal pools were blessed by the gods to cure illnesses. Therefore, it is believed that these natural thermal springs possess healing properties for those who are sick.

Hippocrates, the founder and pioneer of modern medicine, emphasized in his book “De Natura Hominis” the importance of using natural springs as a form of treatment.

In the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, Turkish baths and thermal springs were essential places of purification, symbolizing cleanliness, purity, and ritual holiness.

Today, the Samsun Hamamyagi Thermal Spring reflects a deep history and is situated at the central point of natural springs.


The water in Hamamyagi Thermal Spring is rich in minerals, especially Vichy water, iron, and steel, which are essential minerals for the body. This mineral-rich water is particularly beneficial for individuals with rheumatism, neuritis and nerve diseases, anemia, liver diseases, and digestive problems.

Additionally, the Hamamyagi Thermal Spring features 26 special rooms, three apartments, two small and two large pools with a capacity of 60 people, Turkish bath sections, four private showers, and a car park.


Are you looking for a unique and rejuvenating travel experience? Look no further than Hamamyagi Thermal Spring, situated in the village of Hamamyagi in the Ladik district of Samsun. This legendary healing source has been sought out for its incredible health benefits and mineral-rich water for centuries.

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