Amazon Village is a famous artificial settlement founded by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality located on the Amazon Island, which is part of the Terme district in Samsun. The village reflects ancient times, particularly the lifestyle and story of Amazon Women, also known as Tupi. By laying a bridge between the past and future, the area provides visitors with an opportunity to observe the prehistoric times and history of the fearless and powerful women warriors – Amazons.

This wonderful land, covering an area of 850,000 square meters, features 25 unique waxworks built by the famous Turkish sculptor Adil Çelik, tents that illustrate daily life, caves, prisons, weapons, water channels, and an awesome park full of life-sized cartoon characters such as Pink Panther and Anatolian Lions Statues. Additionally, there is a 323-meter-long cable car (telfer) running from Batıpark down Amisos Hill that provides visitors with an unbelievable and enchanting landscape, making their journey to the Amazon Life an unforgettable experience.

At the entrance of Amazon Island, visitors will encounter the glorious and symbolic Amazon Sculpture, a valuable masterpiece in Samsun. Erected by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the enormous artwork is 12.5 meters in height, 4 meters in width, and weighs 6 tons. Built by 10 different specialists in their field, this pearl of Amazon Village was completed in five months. The gigantic statue is divided into three parts: the female warrior, her shield, and lance, all representing the courage and strength of Amazon female warriors.

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On the right and left sides of Samsun Batıpark, you will find two types of lion statues. They are approximately 24 meters in length, 11 meters in height, and 8 meters in width. These statues have a thick wooden door ornamented with traditional motifs. Visitors can use these doors to easily reach the mouth of the lions, which shows the village, and the stomach of the lions, which reflects 3D war scenes of Amazon women. When you visit this area, you will be immersed in the world of fierce female warriors, with lifelike models depicting the Amazons engaged in various daily activities. These models have silicon eyes, leather, and tissues, and real human hair was used.

Furthermore, the prison section contains exhibits of male slaves, which shows that during that period, men were abused and manipulated by Amazon women. In contrast to other stories of pirates kidnapping women and using their sexuality, Amazons used men for the same purpose. They came and slept with men to give birth to girls and continue their bloodline.

The lion figure symbolizes power, rulership, dominance, and courage. Therefore, this miraculous model was used to represent and identify the powerful, brave, and fearless Amazon warriors. Additionally, it resembles an object that resembles the Trojan Horse.


There are various legends surrounding the origins of the Amazons. One of these legends is particularly emphasized in Samsun. It is believed that Samsun is the homeland of the Amazons, and they lived here between 2000 and 1000 BC.

According to the legend, the Amazons fought alongside Agamemnon in the Battle of Troy in 1200 BC, protecting Anatolia under the command of Queen Penthesileia, the leader of the Amazons. However, she was later killed by Achilles, the hero of Iliad written by the great historian Homer. It is also said that the Amazons cut off their right breast to be able to shoot arrows professionally.


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