Samsun is a highly affluent city and trade center located in the Black Sea region between the Kızılırmak and Yeşilırmak rivers. Situated as a gateway to the Black Sea, Samsun boasts a comprehensive transportation system that includes air, land, and sea routes. Furthermore, the city is home to a wealth of natural beauty and ancient marvels, which make it a premier tourist destination.

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With a rich and deep history dating back to prehistoric times, Samsun is home to numerous archaeological sites and original artifacts. Throughout the centuries, a multitude of communities, including the Hittites, Lydians, Phrygians, Cimmerians, Romans (Byzantines), Macedonians, Persians, Seljuks, and Ottomans, have called the city home.

Originally known as “Amisos,” Samsun was a hub of episcopalism and Christianity during the reign of Roman Caesar in 47 BC. Many churches were constructed during this time, such as Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church, Aya Triada Rum Orthodox Church, and Canik Surp Nigogayos Armenian Church.

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During the Ottoman and Seljuk periods, Samsun underwent significant development, and numerous impressive structures were built, including stunning mosques, caravansaries, Turkish baths, and fountains. In the 19th century, the city’s economy reached its pinnacle with the widespread cultivation of tobacco and the establishment of a seaport that dominated the entire Black Sea. This seaport served as a hub for steamboat operations.

Later, during the War of Independence period, on May 19, 1919, Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey and the leader of the Turkish people, was sent to Samsun to repel the invading enemy forces and to save Anatolia.


Samsun is comprised of the following districts: Alaçam, Asarcık, Atakum, 19 Mayıs, Ayvacık, Bafra, Çarşamba, Canik, Havza, İlkadım, Kavak, Ladik, Salıpazarı, Tekkeköy, Terme, Vezirköprü, and Yakakent.


Samsun typically experiences a mild climate, with hot summers and moderate, rainy winters in the coastal region. However, the interior areas may have a more severe climate.


Also known as the Hamidiye Mosque or Valide Mosque, the Great Mosque is a famous Samsun landmark that was constructed by Hacı Ali of Batum in 1884. Later, it was renovated by the mother of Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz, Valide. The mosque showcases classic Ottoman art style and is the largest mosque in Samsun. The magnificent mosque is situated in a large courtyard and is built of hewn stone. It features four exquisite domes decorated with engravings, as well as a wooden mimbar covered with star and medallion motifs, creating a captivating atmosphere for visitors.


The famous Hamamyagi Hot Spring in Samsun is a well-known healing center that appears like a nursing home for sick individuals. Situated in Ladik, a province of Samsun, the thermal spring boasts sparkling mineral water with high levels of healing properties beneficial for various conditions, including rheumatism, nerve diseases, neuritis, and more. Consequently, this center is visited not only by locals but also by numerous foreigners from different countries seeking relief from their ailments.


Another unique masterpiece in Samsun is the Gazi Museum, which was built in 1902 by the grand architect Jean Lonnis Mantika as a hotel named Mantika Palas. It was later gifted to the great leader of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk. This magnificent structure was later transformed into a museum, which today showcases photographs, documents, and a miniature of the Bandırma Ferry, all belonging to Ataturk. Visitors can tour this museum and learn about Ataturk’s life and contributions.


Located at the center of Samsun city, Amisos Hill is next to the Batıpark, a wonderful amusement park that provides visitors with an amazing atmosphere. Visitors to this hill can sip tea while enjoying a breathtaking view of the city’s vast and dreamy landscape.


The Tekkeköy Caves, situated within the borders of the Tekkeköy District, are surrounded by small and large pits and caves carved into the rocks. The caves showcase the prehistoric or primitive times with their natural structures, as well as relics and tools belonging to the first age, including bracelets, earrings, vessels, knives, pins, barbs, daggers, and bone tools.


The Samsun Archaeology Ethnographic Museum opened to the public in 1981 and boasts two private halls showcasing various mythological scenes on a mosaic base that depict the Trojan War, including Achilles and Thetis, as well as the famous Amisos treasury, coins, and works from the Chalcolithic, First Bronze Age, Hittite, Hellenistic, and Roman periods.


Mater Dolorasa Catholic Church is of great significance to both Samsun people and Christians due to its rich history. Christians escaping their countries settled in Samsun, where they could freely worship. As a result, the public and their leaders, along with eight monks, constructed this marvelous structure.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality built the Amazon Village as an artificial village to showcase the history of the Amazons. Today, visitors to this village can closely observe Amazon history by seeing waxworks of Amazon female fighters, tents illustrating their daily lives, caves, prisons, and weapons.


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