The Safran bolu Watchtower is an admirable example of great architectural style and a testament to the rich history of Safranbolu. It was built in 1797 in the period of Ottoman Sultan Selim III by the grand vizier Izzet Mehmet Pasha in what was then known as Zefrenbolu Town (the old name for Safranbolu).

This city, where time seems to have stood still, reflects the voice of the past to our present day. It has witnessed many important events, including the Decline of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish War of Independence, the Abandonment of Rums to town, and the Proclamation of the Republic.

There is an interesting story about the tower. According to rumor, the favorite vizier of Safranbolu, Izzet Mehmet Pasha, once said to the public, “I will give you a magnificent clock as a gift. It will tell you the time both at home and at work.” The very next day, the people were awoken by the enchanting sound of a clock brought from London, England.

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The Safranbolu Watch tower, the first clock in Turkey, is a rectangular parallelepiped-shaped structure that stands at approximately 8-10 meters tall. It was made of face stone, requiring significant craftsmanship. Each side of the building includes two rectangle-shaped windows that add to the dreamy atmosphere. The tower also features loopholes in some parts to light the stairs, which has 42 steps.

The breathtaking structure is located on Hıdırlık Hill, which offers visitors a wonderful landscape, an extraordinary ambiance, and a miraculous atmosphere. Visitors can hear the original clock chime every half an hour. The priceless construction symbolizes Classic Ottoman City Architecture and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City since 1994, along with the famous Safranbolu Houses.

The tower has been renovated by relevant parties and is currently in working order.


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