Even today, Safran bolu, a piece of paradise that has remained unspoiled and dates back to the Ottoman period, is known for its natural beauty and incredible old bazaar, which includes various small bazaars known as Arasta. In the early days, this wonderful bazaar was an important trade center containing numerous workplaces covering approximately 10-15 m2 fields. Many guilds were found here, such as ironworking, forging, shoemaking, saddle making, and copper work. The streets of Safranbolu Bazaar are classified according to handwork, such as Shoemaker House, Saddlers House, Merchant House, and Butchers House, making it easy for people to find all kinds of handicrafts and materials in this magnificent bazaar.

Like Istanbul’s own Arasta bazaar situated beside the Blue Mosque, Safranbolu Bazaar consists of souvenir shops selling unique traditional Turkish crafts, such as metalworking, woodworking, local handmade products, miniature Ottoman houses, fascinating accessories, and other splendid items for tourists.

In addition to shopping, visitors can taste famous traditional foods such as peruhi, blackberry syrup accompanied by Turkish coffee, delicious kuyu kebab, Turkish delight with saffron, and more. Today, when you visit this glorious place, you can see the other marketplaces, mainly the Shoemakers (Yemenicilik), Ironworking, and Copper working Bazaars.

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The Shoemakers Bazaar (Yemenicilik in Turkish) is situated next to the magnificent Köprülü Mehmet Pasha and is a part of the old guild market. It consists of 48 extraordinary multifunctional adjacent wooden stores. Initially, it was established to fulfill the requirements of the mosque. Later, it became a shoemaker’s bazaar, also known as Yemenicilik because it produced Yemeni shoes.

Apart from these features, this miraculous market comprises a life section that allows natural light to penetrate, as well as a barn, big furnace, and storehouse. Today, this specific structure includes conventional souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, and markets selling indigenous handcrafted materials. If you want to breathe the fresh air, enjoy a special cup of tea or coffee and see numerous unique products, you should visit here.

In addition to the unique architecture and shops, the Shoemakers Bazaar also features the prominent Ahmet Demirezen Yemenicilik Museum, where you can learn more about the history and culture of the bazaar. Whether you are looking for traditional souvenirs or just want to experience the atmosphere of this historic bazaar, the Shoemakers Bazaar is definitely worth a visit.


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