Cinci Han, one of the large and small caravanserais located on the famous Silk Road that connected Anatolia to China for centuries, is a precious masterpiece situated in Safranbolu, a special and charming city. It was constructed by military officer (kazasker in Turkish) Karabaszade Hüseyin Efendi, also known as Cinci Hodja, between 1640 and 1645, during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan İbrahim I, nicknamed “Crazy,” and the son of Kösem Sultan.


Hüseyin Hodja, also known as Cinci Hodja, was a great soldier and healer who cured the illness of Sultan İbrahim I, making him highly regarded by Kösem Sultan. After becoming rich, he established this magnificent inn and Turkish bath in Safranbolu, the main trading center for merchants. However, due to a rebellion, he was executed, making his story a tragic one.

After being used as a caravanserai until the 20th century, this pleasant building was utilized by shopkeepers in Safranbolu as a storage facility for their valuable materials and other goods. In the late 20th century, this glorious inn lost its function. Today, this unique masterpiece is used as a hotel.

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It is believed that this splendid structure is the grand creation of the architect Kasım Efendi. Once you step into the magnificent inn, its architectural features enchant you. The marvelous structure is made of limestone and its special arches are adorned with circular flower motifs. Surrounded by dreamy Safranbolu houses, Cinci Inn consists of a courtyard, entry, rooms, barn, and cistern.

Unique rooms are found in the basement, and each room contains secret underground rooms called Trunk Rooms. These special rooms were once used by passengers, merchants, and caravan owners to keep their priceless and valuable belongings safe. Currently, this section is used as a bath. In addition, the most important and largest room in the inn is the Inn Master’s (Agha) Room, which is the highest point of the inn. In the past, people could easily see from the Agha Room who was visiting the location situated at the entry door. Unwanted persons were punished by having boiling oil poured on their head from this room.

The other significant part of this magnificent structure is the Camel Barn, which was built on the stream and reflects an unmatched aesthetic architectural style. The rectangular barn was placed on pillars. Currently, this section serves as a large dining hall, while the upper floor is used as a meeting room. The illuminating system and windows here dazzle the visitors.

The last part is the charming cistern, a perfect mechanism that provides water for the canals. Today, it is covered with flower pots.


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