The magnificent town of Safran bolu is located in the biggest and most developed district of Karabük, Turkey. It is situated 200 kilometers north of Ankara, 100 kilometers south of the Black Sea region, and 65 kilometers away from the seashore. Safranbolu is a place that symbolizes humanity, friendship, and a culture of shared living. It is an enchanting town that combines aesthetics and art to create a strong connection between the land and people, wood and stone, the city and nature, and even between death and life.

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Safranbolu is renowned all over the world for its priceless architectural style, which is a feast for the eyes. The town resembles an open-air museum with its incomparable masterpieces that include historical mansions, mosques, clock towers, old medical hospital buildings, magnificent fountains, Safranbolu houses, vast caravanserais, genuine handicrafts, fascinating natural beauties, and breathtaking canyons. This unique combination creates a magical atmosphere that enchants visitors from all over the world who come to experience its beauty.

Safranbolu is made up of four separate districts, each of which offers its own unique set of masterpieces. In 1950, the town was declared a national park to preserve it from the effects of modern urbanization. As a result, Safranbolu has managed to maintain its original form and structures to a remarkable extent, especially with its half-timbered, tree-doored, and earthquake-resistant Pontian homes that reflect the typical early Nomadic Turkmen style. This is what sets it apart from other famous Classic Ottoman towns such as Beypazarı, Odunpazarı, and Göynük, which still have magnificent old Turkish houses. Safranbolu is a breathtaking town that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City since 1994, further adding to its value and importance.

Safranbolu gets its name from the native purple flower called Safran. This flower is well-known for its strong dye, which is used in very small quantities to add a delicious flavor, unique aroma, and an unmatched color to desserts and other dishes in Turkish cuisine.

Safranbolu has a rich history that dates back to prehistoric times, evidenced by rock-cut tombs and a Roman temple in the surrounding area. The town has been home to many civilizations, including the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Hellenistic Kingdoms, Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantines), Seljuks, and Ottomans.

After the Crusaders caused significant damage to Asia Minor in their quest to capture Jerusalem, the town was conquered by Seljuk Sultan Muhiddin Mesud Sah in 1196. He named the city “Zalifre” and used Sinop, Kastamonu, Safranbolu, Gerede, and Sögüt as its hinterland. Over the years, the town has undergone many changes, but it has managed to preserve its rich history and cultural heritage.

During the Ottoman Empire, the influence of Islam was evident in the architecture of the town. Many buildings such as the Old Mosque, Old Bath, and Madrasah of Suleiman Pasha were built during this era. The Cinci Hodja Inn, with its sixty guest rooms (1640-48), the Caravanserai, the Köprülü Mosque (1661), the Izzet Pasha Mosque (1796), as well as many store complexes known as Arasta, stables, inns, and baths were added during the Ottoman period.

However, the most significant event was the town’s emergence as the main trading center between Istanbul and Sinop on the famous Silk Road, which resulted in Safranbolu reaching its peak period for both economic and cultural growth in the 17th century. The town was known as Borlu or Zafranbolu at the time and became a hub for trade, boosting its importance and contributing to its development.


Safranbolu houses are wonderful examples of old civilian architecture that symbolize Turkish public life between the 18th and 19th centuries. These houses are deeply influenced by extended families, where all members of a large family lived together in one house.

The effective architecture of the roofs has led to them being called “Houses with five facades.” The houses are narrow and long planned, consisting of two or three stories with 6 to 9 rooms. The rooms are specially designed with huge windows that allow refreshing light, and the ladies were able to see the narrow streets while sitting on wooden-made sofas.

Every aspect of these buildings, including the elegant woodwork, carved wall and ceiling decorations, and the banisters and indoor beetles, come together to form a unique harmony of architectural aesthetics and Turkish art. Safranbolu houses are a testament to the town’s rich cultural heritage and a must-see for anyone visiting the area.


Safranbolu has a mild and fresh climate in the spring and summer months, but it can be cold in the winter and hot during the summer.


The town is divided into four main districts, including Cukur (Hole), Kıranköy, Baglar (Vineyards), and a field in the historic area. Each district has its own unique character and attractions, making Safranbolu a diverse and fascinating destination for visitors to explore.


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