Thermal Spa Center Karahayit is located approximately five kilometers away from Denizli and boasts several hotels that offer excellent accommodations for visitors interested in seeing Pamukkale, Laodicea, and Denizli Province. The water in this area is sourced from the travertine deposits and has a distinctive red color, which visitors can enjoy while viewing the calcium oxide formations. Karahayit is poised to become the preeminent health spa center in Turkey, thanks to its red healing thermal water and mud, which surface at temperatures of 58 degrees Celsius year-round. As a result, it will soon be internationally renowned.

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The red water, known as Kırmızı Su by the Turkish people, is located in close proximity to Pamukkale, approximately 20 kilometers from Denizli city. The travertine formations of the red water were created by the thermal waters at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The thermal waters contain metal oxides which have resulted in the formation of red, green, and white travertine layers. Just a few years ago, the Karahayit Thermal Spa Center was known only to domestic visitors. Today, it has become increasingly popular and important as a health spa center, offering a variety of luxury hotels and tourist accommodations.
The Karahayit red water travertine spans an area of approximately 500 square meters and is surrounded by around ten five-star hotels, twelve four-star hotels, and over one hundred guesthouses run by local family enterprises.
As a result, it has become a popular destination for visitors from various countries, including Russia, Germany, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan, who come to enjoy the mud and thermal baths in the pools. Many people from around the world come to the area seeking healing and rejuvenation, particularly during the summer months when they can spend at least one or two days renewing themselves in the mud and hot water pools. The spa waters have high radioactivity, which makes them effective in treating a range of conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, sciatica, and skin nerve and lumbago. In addition, they are recommended for complementary therapies for people suffering from skin rashes due to their positive effects.


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