Denizli is home to many historical painted mosques that were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. These mosques feature beautiful wall decorations, painted praying niches, and splendid pulpits and desks made of woodwork. Each mosque is a work of art that reflects faith and emotions. It is believed that these painted mosques used to be Bektasi lodges where dervishes taught morality, patriotism, religion, humanity, and positive sciences. The believers who attended these lodges could then spread the messages they learned to far-off corners of the region. Eventually, these Bektasi lodges were converted into mosques by adding painted niches after all the tekkes and lodges were strongly restricted by law.


Bektashism is an Islamic sect believed to have been founded by Haci Bektas-i Veli, a famous Islamic philosopher who lived in the 13th century AD. The followers of this sect are known as Bektashis, and millions of people living in Balkan countries, Anatolia, Iran, and Azerbaijan adhere to this sect. It has been associated with the sects of Babai, Yesevi, Ahi, Kalenderi, Haydari, Rufai, and Bektashi from its inception to the present day. The Bektashi sect is characterized by four doors and four faiths.

The Bektashi sect is characterized by four doors and four beliefs. The four doors are as follows:

  1. To believe in Islamic principles
  2. To connect with the sheikh
  3. To be trustworthy and always tell the truth
  4. To learn the path and knowledge of God

The four beliefs are:

  1. Worship
  2. Supplication
  3. Oblation
  4. Reunion

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In addition to the four doors and four beliefs, the Bektashi sect also emphasizes the love of Prophet Mohammed, his daughter Fatima, his son-in-law Ali (the fourth caliph), and his grandsons Hassan and Hussein. Bektashi followers also hold the twelve masters of this sect in high esteem. Bektashism is a humanist teaching that emphasizes maturity, love, identity, equality, and freedom of faith, with a focus on “human.”

The main purpose of Bektashi teaching is to reach human perfection, which is defined as maturity. This is an educational process that takes a specific period of time. Haci Bektas-i Veli has made a significant contribution to the philosophy of Turkish Sufism, and one of his famous sayings is: “Make your hand, your tongue, and your back under control.” Haci Bektas Veli was a contemporary of Mavlena Rumi.


During the Seljuk and Ottoman times, the historical painted mosques were originally Bektashi lodges. These lodges were established along trade routes throughout Asia Minor in the 13th century with the aim of conquering not only lands but also hearts. All Bektashi lodges served as schools of philosophy, centers of intelligence, science, freedom of faith, and places of salvation. In these lodges, the poor were fed and clothed, sick people were healed and treated, and the blind were illuminated, among other things.

The people living under Seljuk and later Ottoman rules used to seek help from these places in times of trouble and found solutions to their needs, which is why these places were known as “centers of enlightenment.” When the Ottoman Janissaries were established as the Sultan’s force, Bektashi teachings were adopted as the main principles for the army troops and continued for centuries until 1826. However, in that year, the Janissary Army was abolished and Bektashi teachings were banned by Sultan Mahmut II. Two years later, Bektashi lodges were closed, and all members of the sect were imprisoned and punished.

After the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923, all sects in Turkey were closed and restricted. These lodges were transformed into mosques by adding pulpits and praying niches that face towards Mecca. They are decorated with beautiful wall art, including scenes from Mecca, floral patterns, symbols of the sect, holy verses from the Quran, flags of Prophet Mohammed, names of the four caliphs and grandsons of the Prophet, pictures of heaven and hell, and paintings of the Judgment Day. All of the historical painted mosques in the Denizli province are worth visiting and are located near the Pamukkale area, which can be reached in just half an hour by car.


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