Colossea is located approximately 3 miles from present-day Honaz and was founded by the Ionians in the 3rd century BC, near the banks of the River Lycos, following the time of Alexander the Great. The location of Colossea has been altered several times as a result of earthquakes that have occurred in the area since its establishment. Honaz is now renowned for its magnificent mountain, which has been declared a national park by the Turkish government, as well as its unique endemic flowers and fertile cherry orchards.


According to one theory, Colossea’s history dates back to earlier than the 7th century BC, and it is believed that the town was established by the Phrygians. The Persians then ruled the area, but in 334 BC it became a Greek town after Alexander the Great defeated the Persians in the Battle of Granicus. In the 1st century AD, Colossea became a popular rest stop for travelers and disciples, as Laodicea was nearby. Although Paul had never visited Colossea, he sent a messenger to warn its people to be faithful to Christ and not be like the Laodiceans.

In the 1st century AD, Laodicea was founded as a Roman city with economic power, and it began to develop rapidly. As a result, Colossea started to decline, and its inhabitants began to emigrate to Laodicea in search of better job opportunities and living conditions. Eventually, Colossea became one of the suburbs of Laodicea, and a man named Epaphras, who was one of the companions of Paul, played a significant role in the development of the Christian church in the region.

St. Paul played a vital role in spreading Christianity in the region of Colossea, and the new faith began to flourish through his work. During the time of John, the last church mentioned in the Book of Revelation, called the Lukewarm Church, was established in Laodicea, which was located very close to Colossea. However, Colossea was eventually abandoned during the Byzantine era and left in ruins. Several new establishments were built in the area due to earthquakes and invasions by different nations. In the 11th century AD, Turkish troops took over the entire region, and it eventually became one of the states of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century AD.

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Ancient Colossea was important to early believers because of Epaphras, one of St. Paul’s companions. St. Paul assigned Epaphras with the mission of converting pagans to Christianity, and he sent a letter to him, known as the Letter to the Colossians, warning the inhabitants of Colossea not to be like the Laodiceans. According to St. Paul, the Laodiceans were rich but arrogant and unfaithful, while the Colossians were poor but faithful to Jesus. Today, the town is known as Honaz among Turkish people and is part of the Denizli province, with a population of 50,000.

The main industries in Honaz are agriculture and animal husbandry, with cherry farming being one of the main sources of income. In recent years, some small enterprises have been established in the area. The town is located at the foothills of Honaz Mountain, which is declared a National Park by the Turkish government and is the highest mountain in the Denizli province. The landscape of the mountain and its surroundings are splendid, making Honaz an increasingly popular destination for visitors and holidaymakers. Honaz was historically known for its cold water sources and is also noted for its fresh and cold water sources and springs in the Denizli province.


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