Taşbaşı Cultural Center is located in the Tasbasi neighborhood at the center of Ordu. It was built by the Rum community, Greeks of Turkish nationality, in 1853. This magnificent structure attracts numerous tourists from various countries due to its historical significance and, as a result, is now considered an urban archaeological site and a protected area.


Throughout its history, the Taşbaşı Cultural Center has served various purposes. It was initially constructed as a church by the Rum community in 1853, providing them with a place to worship freely until they were forced to leave the city in 1924 as part of a population exchange. The community also built a Rum School to educate their children, as education and religious instruction were considered essential to them. As a result, the community established a school adjacent to the monastery when they built the church. However, currently, only the church and the entrance door of this unique school remain. The church reflects the architectural, cultural, and artistic characteristics and details of its period, and it is said that it once contained relics belonging to or associated with Orthodoxy.

Furthermore, between 1937 and 1977, the church was used as a prison, commonly referred to as “Mapushane,” by the Ministry of Culture. The prison had two rooms for adults, one room for children, and a separate ward for women.

Subsequently, the renowned structure was restored, converted into a Cultural Centre, and its surrounding environment was planned by the Ministry of Culture in 1983. It was opened to the public on April 10th, 2000. Today, the Tasbasi Cultural Center is surrounded by culture and art houses, gift shops, tea gardens, and cafes, and is open to the public. Additionally, various activities such as symposiums, conferences, panel discussions, exhibitions, performances, theatre productions, and museum studies are organized here.


This remarkable building was constructed in a rectangular style, running from east to west, and was predominantly made from face stone, with the exception of the dome. The main and two minor abscesses are located on the eastern side, with a mihrab facing the east. The basic layout of the church is comprised of three naves separated by three two-rowed columns. This enchanting basilica-style church has a roof supported by arches resting on pillars. The walls of the church are covered in white plaster.

In addition, the windows of this magnificent building create a magical and mystical atmosphere, leaving visitors breathless.

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