The Pasaoglu Mansion and Ethnography Museum is located on Boztepe Road in the center of Ordu, a city in Turkey. The mansion was built in 1896 by Pashaoglu Hüseyin Efendi, who was known as the richest and most noble person in Ordu at the time. The magnificent building is a testament to the Ottoman Empire’s famous history, as evidenced by its architecture and the materials that belong to the period. Visitors to the museum can experience a slice of Ottoman life and embark on a historical journey thanks to the vital ambiance of the mansion.


Initially used as a mansion, the building was later transformed into a unique museum. It was expropriated in 1982 by the Museums of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the General Directorate of Historical Works, and restored in 1983. After the restoration and exhibition preparations were completed, it was opened to the public on November 18, 1987, as the Pasaoglu Konagi and Ethnography Museum.


The Pasaoglu Mansion and Ethnography Museum is a legendary building with substantial stonemasonry that is registered as a work of art. The mansion covers an area of 625 square meters, including the garden. The stones used in the building were sourced from Unye, a district of Ordu, while the tiles and wooden parts of the mansion were brought from Romania. Various craftsmen from Istanbul contributed to its construction.

This marvelous museum has three floors, including the ground floor, and reflects the 19th century Ottoman Civil Architecture. It has special columns with pedestals and enchanting windows adorned with stones. The walls of the garden, stairs, balcony, and inlaid railings placed in the corners of the roof give the building an elegant and rich appearance. The garden features a pool with a fountain and an original stone pit or quarry. The ceilings of the mansion are made of wood and decorated with oil painting figures and diamond-shaped botanic motifs. Medallions containing landscape pictures are placed in the corners of the building. The bath section is furnished with marvelous tiles that create an authentic atmosphere.

The ground floor is used as administrative offices, the first floor contains the section of ethnographic materials, as there are many different goods belonging to the Ottoman Era, such as guns, adornments, and authentic costumes for men and women. The second floor consists of a long room, Pasha Room, daily room, bedroom, and guestroom, symbolizing the characteristics of mansion life. Today, this miraculous museum exhibits more than 3,000 unique works, including ethnographic materials, coins, seals, and manuscripts.

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