If you happen to visit Ordu, one of the charming and alluring provinces in the Black Sea region, be sure to check out the Osman Pasha Fountain. This invaluable and unique masterpiece holds a significant place among the impressive cultural riches in the area. The historical water tank, complete with a fountain, has stood for over a century and can be found in the heart of Ordu city center, right next to the famous Yalı Mosque – one of the first mosques ever built.

Today, the Osman Pasha Fountain boasts the highest columns or pillars of any fountain in Turkey. To keep it clean and free from the effects of humidity and pollution, the Altınordu Municipality regularly cleans the fountain using high-pressure water.


The Great Osman Pasha Fountain was originally constructed in 1842 by Trebizond Governor Hazinedarzade Osman Pasha, a native of Ordu. Over time, it suffered damage and required repair, including significant harm during a fire in 1883 and damage to its columns from a cannonball attack by the Russian Army during World War I. These cracks continued to expand, and the fountain was ultimately demolished in 1937. In its place, a new park named “Has Bahçe,” or “Private Garden of the Sultan” in English, was built.

In 1997, however, the elegant and aesthetically valuable Osman Pasha Fountain was rebuilt in accordance with its original design. This was made possible by businessman Fahri Çelebi, under the leadership of Mayor Fikret Türkyılmaz. Today, the fountain stands proudly in Ordu’s city center, restored to its former glory for all to admire.


Fountain of Osman Pasha is a miraculous and unique masterpiece, beloved by the people of Ordu. It is constructed using cubic-faced stone with a flat roof, and features two monolithic watering holes and two taps that still run water. The fountain also includes an inscription in Ottoman Turkish with five lines, as well as a framed tughra – the sultan’s signature. Originally, a small dome sat atop the main vault, but this was later removed and replaced with a bronze finial.


Osman Pasha was an Ottoman statesman and military officer, known as Topal Osman after sustaining a crippling leg injury in battle. Despite his injury, he participated in various wars and treaties, including the Prut River Campaign, the Austro-Turkish War of 1716 and 1718, the Ottoman-Persian War of 1730 and 1735, and the Combat of Agh-Darband – the final war in the Mesopotamian Campaign of Nader.

During his last battle, Topal Osman was martyred, and his army was defeated. His head was cut off by a Persian soldier and presented to Nader Shah, the Persian King. The rest of his body was buried in the mosque named Imam Kasım in Kirkuk.

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