Ordu: A Gem of Turkey’s Black Sea Region

Ordu is a bustling city located in Turkey’s Black Sea Region, bordered by Tokat, Sivas, Samsun, and Giresun. The city boasts an awe-inspiring natural landscape, creating an incredible and captivating atmosphere for visitors. It is also considered one of the luckiest locations in the Eastern Black Sea Region for sea tourism, as it has the region’s cleanest sand and longest coastline. Along this magical shoreline, visitors can enjoy an unbelievable ambiance, with one beautiful bay after the other, natural and pristine beaches, as well as various beach resorts and picnic areas. It’s no wonder that many artists, craftsmen, poets, bards, and writers have mentioned Ordu in their works, inspired by the city’s unique mix of green and blue.

History of Ordu Cotyora

Archaeologists and historians have conducted excavations and surveys, discovering that Ordu has a long history dating back to the 7th century BC. According to the book of Greek commander Xenophon’s Ten Thousand, Ordu has been home to various kingdoms, civilizations, tribes, and has witnessed many events throughout history. Initially, primitive tribes such as the Mossinoiks, Chablis, Tibarens, Kohls, and Drills settled here, attracted by the region’s iron mines. Miletus people named the city Cotyora, an ancient site. Later, other civilizations such as the Hittites, Phrygians, Cimmerians, Persians, and Romans (Byzantines) established their empires in Ordu. Moreover, after the conquest of Istanbul (Constantinople), the capital city of Byzantines, by the Latins in 1204, many Christians moved to Ordu.

Ordu Throughout the Years

Ordu was conquered by the Hacıemiroğulları in the Seljuk State in the 1380s and later annexed by the Ottomans in 1427. Until April 17, 1920, the city was a district of Trabzon. On that day, it became a province, and the town of Fatsa, previously under the Canik Flag, was added to Ordu. In the Republican Period, Ordu was designated as a Metropolitan Municipality in 2012.

Today, Ordu is a city filled with a plethora of features and has been the setting for the famous legend of the Golden Fleece in Mythology. This legend has not only impressed many writers and poets in Greek and Roman Literature, such as the great tragedy writers Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Apollonius, famous Roman writers Seneca, Homers, and Herodotus, but also inspired them.

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The Origin of the Name “Cotyora” and the Geography of Ordu

The city of Cotyora, also known as Kut Yöresi in Turkish, is popularly referred to as “Bozukkale” by the locals. The name “Bozukkale” means holy energy or life force according to Turk, Mongol, and Altai Shamanism. The Kut Turks migrated from around the Hazar Lake to the west and established their colony in the area between 2500 and 2400 BC, which provides us with the origin of the name Cotyora or Kotyora.

Ordu is situated in the East Black Sea Region and is bordered by the North Anatolian Mountains. These mountains dominate the hills near the shores, rising inwards. The highest hill in the city is Gönderiç Hill, which is located on the Aşut Nomad Camping Side.

Climate-wise, Ordu experiences the Black Sea climate, with every season being rainy. The maximum rainfall is typically observed in autumn, while the minimum fall is in spring. During summer, the weather is generally cool or occasionally mild, while in winter, it snows for about six months in the interior sections such as the Cambasi Plateau, Besiktasi Plateau, and Sari Nomad Camping Side Plateau.

Ordu has several districts, including Akkuş, Altınordu, Aybastı, Çamaş, Çatalpınar, Çaybaşı, Fatsa, Gölköy, Gülyalı, Gürgentepe, İkizce, Kabadüz, Kabataş, Korgan, Kumru, Mesudiye, Perşembe, Ulubey, and Ünye.

Sights to See in Ordu

Pasaoglu Mansion and Ethnography Museum, located on Selimiye Street, Boztepe Road, is a stunning mansion that was built by Pashaoglu Hüseyin Efendi in 1896. This enchanting mansion is a great example of 19th-century Ottoman Civil Architectural Style, with various selected works having special stonemasonry. The three-storeyed mansion was opened to the public in 1982 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Monuments and General Directorate of Museum and was converted into a museum in 1987.

Gölköy Castle is situated in the Gölköy district of Ordu. The castle was made on a wide field with only one entrance and overlooks the entire city. It was designed for observation and defense, with a bastion and a cylinder-shaped observation tower found on the left section of the castle’s entrance. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

The Osman Pasha Fountain was built by Trabzon governor Hazinedarzade Osman Pasha in 1842. It was later demolished in 1937 but was rebuilt by Fahri Celebi, a great businessman in Ordu, under the guidance of Ordu Municipality in 1992.

Hoynat Island is one of the most significant historical elements in Ordu, home to various species of birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. It resembles a Bird Sanctuary due to the numerous birds that inhabit the area.

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