The incredible Mawlana Museum social complex is located in Konya. It is renowned for being home to the Mevlana Mausoleum, which belongs to the renowned great dervish, poet and pioneer of Islamic mysticism, Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi. This magnificent structure includes many sections such as the outdoors, Dervish Cells, Kitchen, Yard, Mosque, Library, Chant Room, Watertank with a fountain, Semahane and Çerag Door.


At the start, this magnificent complex was a rose garden which had been given to SultânülUlemâ Bâhaeddin, the father of Mevlana, as a present by Sultan Aladdin Keykubat in the Seljuk Period. It also served as a dervish lodge.

Later, a mausoleum was added which contained the graves of Mevlana‘s father, Mevlana, and other members of his family. In 1926, it was converted into the Mevlana Museum that exists today.


The magnificent and expansive museum covers around 18,000 m2. Additionally, the remarkable mausoleum known as theKubbei Hadra (Green Dome in English) was erected on four special pillars. Constructed by the renowned architect Bedrettin Tebrizi, the tomb was adorned with the captivating green tiles, which is the primary reason why it was namedGreen‘. Furthermore, the dervish lodge and mausoleum were converted into a museum in 1926.

The Dervisan Door is used to enter the courtyard of this place. Inside the courtyard, there are Dervish Cells, Matbah, the tomb of Hürrem Pasha, Sinan Pasha, Hasan Pasha, Fatma Hatun, Uçler Graveyard, and a fountain called SebI Arus. Currently, Mevlana Museum offers various sections that captivate visitors with its mystic and breathtaking atmosphere.

tomb inside green mosque bursa exterior of bursa green mosque green tiles of bursa green mosque interior of bursa yesil mosque ottoman architecture bursa yesil cami walls of yesil mosque in bursa turkey


In the past, this room was used as a Koran Reading Room, so it was named Tilavet (reading). Nowadays, it showcases unique masterpieces from the Ottoman Period, including Haremi Serif (Temple Mount Model) and other artifacts. This enchanting room provides people access to the Silver and KadematI Pir Doors.


The Semahane was constructed in the 16th century by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and has a wide, fresh dome. This space also includes MeydanI Serif, which is a place for the renowned practice of whirling as a type of dhikr (remembrance of God). In addition to these features, there are twostorey gathering places built by Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit.


Mevlana Museum is a world-renowned museum located in Konya, Turkey that houses an extensive collection of artifacts related to the life and works of the famous 13th-century poet and philosopher, Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. Visitors can explore the museum grounds and its many galleries, which feature artifacts such as manuscripts, books, and other relics related to Mevlana, as well as artwork and photographs of him.

The museum is open year-round, and offers guided tours in various languages. There is also a café and a shop on the premises, where visitors can purchase books, mementos, and souvenirs related to Mevlana and his works. The museum also houses a library, where visitors can access rare manuscripts and books on Mevlana and his teachings. The museum is a must-see for any traveler who wishes to learn more about Mevlana and his life and works.

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