The unbelievable, nostalgic and original settlement of Kilistra Ancient City is located in Gökyurt village, Konya. This ancient city not only captivates visitors with its dreamy ambience, but also its magical landscape, amazing natural beauty and historical tissue.


As a result of numerous excavations, it was discovered that the famous Kilistra Ancient City, an invaluable and extraordinary settlement, dates back to the Hellenistic and Roman Times (2nd century BC – 3rd century AD). During these excavations and examinations, the name ‘Kilistra’ was confirmed by a gravestone inscription from the Roman (Byzantine) Era. In the time of Rome, the Christians of Lystra fled from the Idolaters, pagans and other religions due to oppression. They settled in today’s location known as Kilistra and built various churches, sanctuaries and chapels in order to protect themselves from any attacks.

Later, especially in the Ottoman Period, Turkish nomad tribes from Anatolia began to inhabit this glorious ancient city. They took advantage of the local land to practice agriculture and animal husbandry. Even now, some traditional and cultural practices can be seen around the settlement, such as handicrafts, weaving, honey production using classical methods, and animal husbandry.

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Kilistra Ancient City in Konya, located on the edge of the Central Anatolian Plateau, is a remarkable archaeological site that offers visitors a unique glimpse into the distant past. The ruins of the city date back to the Iron Age, and the site is the only known urban center of Anatolia during the period of Hittite hegemony. The ancient city of Kilistra is an important reminder of the once powerful Hittite Empire and the people who lived and prospered there.
Kilistra is home to many well-preserved ruins, including the remains of a large citadel, a temple, and several other structures. The city’s ruins are a must-see for anyone interested in the history of the region. The citadel is particularly impressive, with its massive stone walls and towers. Inside the citadel, visitors can explore the remains of a 4th century BC temple and other structures, as well as several inscriptions that are believed to have been left by the Hittites.
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