The prominent and marvelous Aya Elena Church is situated in Selçuklu, a district of Konya. This glorious and precious house of worship is one of the oldest churches in Anatolia, demonstrating its deep and rich history. As a result, the holy building, a symbol of Christianity, has been visited by domestic and foreign tourists since the past.


The breathtaking construction impresses the people with its wealth of history; many centuries ago, during the period of the Byzantine Empire, the mother of the Byzantine Great King Constantine, Helena, went on a pilgrimage to the Holy city of Jerusalem. During her long journey, she visited Konya. Upon seeing the captivating chapels, churches, engraved temples, and monasteries from the early days of Christianity, Helena commanded the building of the Aya Elena Church in honor of Mihail Arkhankolos, who was the protector of the church according to the Bible.

As a result of numerous renovations, the dream-like Aya Elena Church, one of the main places of worship, has survived to our day. Today, it serves as a museum, visited by tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, with its unique masterpieces, underground churches and numerous mosques, the captivating church offers an adventurous tour to its visitors, allowing them to wander and explore.

interior of aya elena church in konya turkey inside aya elena museum in konya turkiye dome of konya aya elena church walls of aya elena kilisesi in konya exterior of aya elena church turkey konya bridge to aya elena church of turkiye konya

The Aya Elena Church grabs the attention of visitors not only for its historical significance, but also for its remarkable and miraculous architecture, reflective of Christianity, the Holy Spirit, and the Roman Era. An inscription written in Greek letters, dating back to 1833, can be found inside the church, providing information about its history. The church was constructed with smoothly cut Sille stone, and several rooms carved into the soft rock can be found in its courtyard.
The entrance of the church is the north door, leading to an external narthex with stone stairs on either side, opening to the women’s gathering place (kadınlar mahfeli in Turkish). Additionally, situated on four special pillars, Aya Elena Church has three nephs, and its walls are adorned with various beautiful icons, depicting Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and his apostles.


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