Izmir Saat Kulesi, the famous clock tower in Konak Square was erected by Grand Vizier Sait Pasha in 1901 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid’s accession to the throne. Its sleek look makes Konak Square a pearl-like decoration, and it is considered to be one of the symbols of the city of Izmir. Therefore, anyone visiting should take the time to pause for a memorial picture. For the inhabitants of Izmir, the square provides a variety of activities, such as feeding the birds, meeting with friends, taking photographs, resting on benches after shopping, and setting their watches.

The Clock Tower was built in the Ottoman period in 1901, in honour of the Sultan, Abdulhamid II, who had reigned for 33 years, by Grand Vizier Mehmet Sait Pascha. It was gifted with a clock by German Emperor Wilhelm II to the Sultan. Upon its completion, it bore the Sultan’s monogram as a signature, but this was removed after the Republic was proclaimed. This Ottoman Clock tower had a great impact on the people of the city and later served as an example, with clock towers being built in other cities throughout the country.

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Izmir Clock Tower, located in the center of Izmir, is a beautiful and iconic landmark that should be on the must-see list of any visitor to the city. Built in 1901, the tower was designed by the architect Alexandre Vallaury, who took inspiration from the clock towers of Vienna and Istanbul. It is one of the most photographed monuments in Izmir and its grandeur and grandiosity make it an ideal backdrop to any photo. The tower stands over 120 feet tall and is decorated with both Turkish and Italian stone.
Its four faces hold clocks and a bell, which chimes every hour. Its balcony, which is accessible by a winding staircase, offers spectacular views of the city and its surrounding areas, including the sea. Visiting Izmir Saat Kulesi is a must for anyone who visits the city. Its beauty and the grandeur of its architecture, combined with its unique location, make it an ideal spot to take in the view and take some beautiful photos.
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You’ll also get the opportunity to explore other landmarks and attractions in Izmir, such as the Agora of Smyrna, the Kemeralti Bazaar and Kadifekale, the ancient acropolis of the city. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Izmir, make sure to check out Tour Maker Turkey’s tours and visit the Izmir Clock Tower. It’s an iconic landmark that you won’t want to miss!