Izmir Agora, also known as Forum Izmir, was a multi-purpose area in ancient times. It served as both a political meeting place and a shopping area. It was known as a state agora for political undertakings. Its impressive columns, porticos (which are colonnaded walkways intended for shoppers or listeners), stores with rounded arches, and statues of Demeter and Poseidon create a strong impression, evoking the Roman era.

In antiquity, towns usually had at least one agora; larger cities and big towns usually had two – an upper agora for politics and a lower agora for trading and commercial activities. The state buildings were situated around the upper agora and the stores were inside the lower one. The agora in Smyrna was built in the 4th century BC on the hill of Mount Pagos and was enlarged during Roman times with various renovations. This agora is thought to have been the state agora, but the existing remains are from the Roman agora, constructed in 178 AD by Marcus Aelius following an earthquake.

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The Agora of Smyrna is a rectangular courtyard with a large stoa-colonnaded walkway for listeners or shoppers, surrounded by stores. It was expanded and altered once again during the Byzantine period, transforming into a large basilica. Vaulted shops indicate that the Agora transitioned from a state-run space to a commercial one by the end of the Roman period around 395 AD, when the Roman Empire split into east and west. Today, it is an important stop for visitors.


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