Built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror, in 1452, Rumeli Fortress was established at the narrowest point of the Bosphorus on the European side to prevent any attacks from the north. It is directly across from the Anatolian Fortress on the Asian side of the region. Its location offered a strategic advantage by making it easy to control navy traffic along the Bosphorus and to prevent any threat from the Black Sea.

For centuries, emperors from the East and West have sought to capture Constantinople because of its strategic importance as a gateway to the East, West, North, and South. The city’s trading, transportation, economic, and political power made it a valuable target. However, for Ottoman Empire’s Fatih Sultan Mehmet, there was a different reason. The young and clever sultan came to the throne when many did not believe he could be successful. He deeply considered the matter and ultimately planned to found a castle to support the siege of Istanbul. He perfectly decorated the castle, and its architecture is worth examining.


The architecture of Rumeli Fortress is composed of three basic towers, connecting walls, and thirteen bastions. The fortress was constructed in an unbelievable four months. The three huge towers, each about 30 meters high, with walls ranging from 3 to 5 meters thick, were named after the pashas of Fatih Sultan Mehmet who contributed to the building of Rumeli Fortress. Sarıca Pasha built the north tower, and Zaganos Pasha built the south tower. Approximately, 300 sharks, 700-800 workers, and 200 drivers, boatmen, movers and other workers were employed in the construction.

Over the years, the fortress has been called different names in different periods such as Kule-i Cedide, Yenice Fortress, Kemalpashazade, Asikpashazade, and Bogazkesen Fortress.

exterior of Rumeli Fortress in istanbul turkiye bosphorus view from rumeli fortress of ottomans painting of the rumeli hisari towers of rumeli fortress tourists visiting rumeli hisari artillery at the backyard of rumeli fortress in turkey


According to legend, the great conqueror Fatih Sultan Mehmet had a plan to take Istanbul from the hands of the Byzantines. Therefore, he built Rumeli Fortress and wanted land to construct a hunting lodge for the Byzantine Emperor, Constantinople. The Emperor Constantine made fun of him and said, “You can take the land to a degree of the field covered calf leather.” When the clever sultan took advantage of that statement, he solved the leather of calf like a rope and ultimately emerged victorious.

After the conquering of Istanbul (Constantinople) in 1453, the fortress began to be used as a prison. However, since 1958 it has been turned into a cultural center where events such as concerts, theater, and an amphitheater are held.

Today, the surrounding area of Rumeli Fortress is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists, due to its privileged location. Many high-quality restaurants and cafes offering fish, breakfast, and other meals can be found along the seaside.


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