Beylerbeyi Palace is a stunning example of Ottoman architecture and design, blending Eastern and Western influences and featuring Turkish motifs. Located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, the palace was initially the residence of the Governor General in charge of Anatolia, but was rebuilt in the style of the Dolmabahce and Ciragan palaces as a royal palace between 1861-1865. The palace is known for its elegant mansion, beautiful architecture, and ornate decorations.

One of the main attractions of Beylerbeyi Saray is its fabulous gardens. Previously known as “Istavros Gates” due to a cross erected by Great Konstantinus in the area, the gardens have been a site of beauty since the Byzantine period. The palace takes its name from a mansion used as Rumeli Beylerbeyi during the time of Sultan Murat III (1524-1595) and belonging to Mehmet Pasha. After undergoing various renovations and rebuilds over the centuries, the palace was finally completed by Sultan Abdulaziz between 1861-1865. It was built by the renowned architect Serkis Balyan and employed over five thousand workers during its construction.

Visiting Beylerbeyi Palaces allows you to immerse yourself in the rich history of the Ottoman Empire, take in the grandeur of the palace and its gardens, and admire the intricate decorations and design. This palace is a must-see destination for those interested in Ottoman architecture, design and the history of Turkey.

Beylerbeyi Sarayi was primarily used as a summer palace and was often used to entertain foreign heads of state or presidents during the summer months. Many important figures such as the Serbian prince, the king of Montenegro, the shah of Iran and French Emperor “Eugene” have visited the palace.

During the period of the republic, the palace also continued to host foreign state guests. For example, in 1934, Pehlevi, the Shah of Iran, was entertained at the palace by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Additionally, in 1936, the Balkan Games Festival was organized at Beylerbeyi and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk spent the night in the palace’s historic bedroom.

Beylerbeyi Palace is a unique and historic place that offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the Ottoman Empire, its history and culture. The palace’s elegant design, intricate decorations, and beautiful gardens make it a must-see destination for those visiting Istanbul and Turkey.

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The Sections and The Features of Beylerbeyi Palace 

The interior architecture of Beylerbeyi Sarayi is designed in the traditional Turkish home style. The palace is divided into two sections: the Harem and the Salutation areas, with the Salutation area being more lavishly furnished than the Harem. The palace has three entrances and three floors, with 26 rooms in total. The ground floor is used as the kitchen and storage area. The palace’s base slabs are covered with special mats brought from Egypt to protect the inhabitants from moisture in the winter and keep them warm in the summer.

The palace is adorned with various artworks such as decorations, slabs, large carpets and rugs, mostly made in Hereke, and beautiful bohemian crystal chandeliers, French clocks and Chinese, Japanese, French and Turkish Yıldız porcelain vases. The palace also includes several sea mansions, such as the Harem and Salutation sea mansions, the Sarı Mansion (Yellow Mansion), the Av Mansion (Hunting Mansion) which is surrounded by a large pool, the Mermer Mansion (Marble Mansion) and the Ahır Mansion. The Sarı and Mermer Mansions are believed to have existed since the period of Sultan Mahmut II.

Visiting Beylerbeyi Palace, with its elegant design, intricate decorations, and beautiful gardens, is an opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of the Ottoman Empire. The palace offers an interesting glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the Ottoman Sultans, and its many sections and features make it a must-see destination for visitors.

Pool of seven numbers 
The Pool of Seven Numbers is one of the highlights of the palace, and it is known for its intricate lighting system that captures the attention of visitors. The chandeliers and the candelabras used as lighting devices.

The Chandeliers
The palace features several chandeliers and candelabras used as lighting devices. These chandeliers are adorned with French Baccarat motifs, covered with gold leaf, and feature green-white crystals. Each side of the chandeliers has 103 arms that carry decorative plates surrounded by flowers. The chandeliers add to the grandeur of the palace and enhance its overall beauty.

The Candelabras
In addition to the chandeliers, the palace also features candelabras, which are displayed in the hall with the pool. The candelabras are eight-footed and are separated into two groups, located in the corners of the hall. The feet of these crystal candelabras are made of Baccarat and have a grooved shape. These candelabras add to the grandeur and elegance of the palace, and they also serve as a striking addition to the already impressive lighting system of the palace.

Porcelain Vases with Chandelabra
The palace also features porcelain vases with candelabra, which were created by the skilled hands of the famous French artist Barriat. These vases are a production of French Sevres Porcelain and feature a couple of candelabra. All surfaces of the vase are adorned with white flowers and the feet and silvering handle are made of bronze.
The Work room and the Table of Sultan Abdulhamit II
The palace also features the workroom of Sultan Abdulhamit II in the Yıldız Sale Mansion, which includes a bookcase reflecting the style of the Renaissance period, a writing table, a chair and other furniture that was moved from another residence of the Sultan, “Sale Kasr.” Additionally, it is said by an American agent that there is a coded table in the workroom, however, its authenticity is unclear. This room gives a glimpse into the working life of the sultan and the decor and furniture used by him. It is a unique feature of the palace and is of great interest to visitors who want to learn more about the sultan and the Ottoman Empire’s history.


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