Edirne, located in the north of Tekirdag, a district between Greece and Turkey, is surrounded by Canakkale, Greece, the Aegean Sea, and Bulgaria. In the 18th century, Edirne was one of the seven largest cities in Europe and served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for several years. Its rich history and architecture make it a true living museum, showcasing unique masterpieces such as stunning mosques, churches, monasteries, social complexes, bridges, old bazaars, caravansaries, and palaces.

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The first settlers of the area were the Odias, descendants of the Thracians, who established a city near present-day Edirne and named it Odris or Odrisia. Later, during the period of the Macedonians, the city was renamed Orestia/Orestas.

In the 2nd century AD, Rome’s Emperor Hadrianus (117-138) recognized the strategic importance of the location and transformed it into a town to foster its development. Over time, the city was referred to by various names, including Hadrianopolis, Hadrianupolis, Adrianupolis, Adrianopolis, Adrianople, and Adrianopel, reflecting its historical significance.


bridge of edirne turkey edirne ottoman architecture minarets of edirne mosque exterior of edirne cami turkish mosque in edirne interior of edirne mosque turkiye


Edirne was conquered by Ottoman Sultan Murat I in 1361 and served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire until the conquest of Istanbul. During this period, the city was used for ceremonies and celebrations by the sultan’s son and was referred to by different names, including Edrinus, Edrune, Edrinabolu, and Endriye, before finally being referred to as Edirne.


When visiting Edirne, one is sure to be charmed by the timber-framed houses. These homes have a unique structure, as they were constructed with ornamented stones and have a perfect symmetry, including a courtyard directly connected to its rooms. There is also a small room used as a gateway to pass between the Harem and Salutations yards.


Edirne has a continental climate, with rainy and mild or sometimes cold and harsh winters, and hot and arid summers.


Edirne is situated 41 meters above sea level and is surrounded by vast plains and low hills.


The major districts of Edirne include Havsa, Ipsala, Kesan, Lalapasha, Meric, Süloglu, and Uzunkopru.


Edirne is a city with a rich history and unique architecture that is sure to captivate visitors. From the fascinating mosques and churches to the historic bazaars and palaces, Edirne is truly a living museum. The city’s timber-framed houses are another must-see attraction, with their ornate stone construction and symmetrical design. With a continental climate that offers both mild, rainy seasons and hot, arid summers, there’s never a bad time to visit Edirne. The city’s location in northern Turkey, surrounded by the plains and low hills, provides breathtaking views for those who venture outside the city center.

One of the most notable reasons to visit Edirne is its historical significance. The city served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a time and remains an important city in Turkish history. Visitors can take a step back in time and immerse themselves in the culture and architecture of the Ottoman period, from the intricate mosaics and carvings in the mosques to the sprawling palaces and grand squares.

Another reason to visit Edirne is its rich natural beauty. The city is surrounded by vast plains and low hills, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and scenic views. Visitors can take a hike in the surrounding countryside, explore the city’s many parks and gardens, or relax on the banks of the nearby Tunca River.

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