The renowned Zelve Open Air Museum is situated along the Göreme and Avanos road. This stunning natural attraction comprises three precious valleys, numerous towering fairy chimneys, an incredible cave town, intricate honeycombed structures, as well as religious and secular chambers. As such, it holds great significance as an ancient settlement due to its unique topography and fascinating history.


Between the 9th and 13th centuries, this location held great significance for Christians and served as one of their primary religious centers. They constructed various churches, chapels, and monasteries, such as the Uzümlü Church, Balikli Church, Direkli Church, and Geyikli Church, by carving into the natural formations. This site was also home to the first religious seminars for priests.

Over time, Muslims and Christians lived together in perfect harmony, with Muslims later building a mosque here after the Ottomans. The local people showed great respect for each other’s religions. However, in 1924, as a result of the Population Exchange, a contract between Greece and Turkey, Christians and Muslims were forced to leave this magnificent settlement.

Today, this dreamy museum hosts many open-air festivals and concerts. Visitors can also find several souvenir shops and Turkish traditional food restaurants selling famous Turkish gözleme and ayran.

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Situated in the third valley of Zelve, the historic city of Cappadocia, the Church of the Grapes is one of the largest churches in the area. It is a highly prized building due to its inclusion of frescoes from the Iconoclasm Period, featuring icons of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and the great angels Michael and Gabriel. Its name is derived from the motif of bunches of grapes found on the walls, symbolizing holiness for Christians. Additionally, this breathtaking church is covered with vaults and has two naves.

This monastic complex boasts an impressive dining hall with a table and benches expertly carved out of the rock, except for a faded icon of St. Eustace from the 11th century. Additionally, the main religious symbols of Christianity, such as the Cross, deer, and fish, are prominently displayed. The church is named after a fascinating deer figure. This marvelous church also features secret tunnels made by locals to protect themselves from enemy attacks.


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