The gem of Cappadocia, the stunning city of Urgup in the Nevsehir district, is crowned by the famous Wish Hill (Temenni Tepesi in Turkish) at an altitude of approximately 1,140 meters above sea level. Thanks to its marvelous geopolitical position, this extraordinary hill dominates the entire city, creating a magical and sweeping ambiance for visitors.

Furthermore, throughout history, this fascinating hill has served various purposes, such as for security, worship, and government reasons. Therefore, it has been called by different names in every period, such as Temennos (during the Hittites period), Arslangazi Rock (pre-proclamation of the Republic), and Temenni Hill (today).

Moreover, in ancient times, Wish Hill was considered a holy place due to its high position, reflecting closeness to God. Thus, several graves can be found on this incredible hill, symbolizing that many people wanted to be buried on the blessed hill after they died. Two important large tombs (mausoleums) are also located here, believed by some to belong to Seljuk Sultan Rüknettin Kılıçarslan IV and Alaaddin Keykubat III, although it is not clear. Actually, after examinations, it was discovered that those unknown mausoleums were built by Muhammet Vecihi Pasha between 1857 and 1858 during the Ottoman period.

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In addition to these features, a cupola, which is a monumental tomb, was placed in the middle of the hill. Initially, it was used as a library named “Ürgüp Tahsinaga Public Library,” which was established by Ottoman Pasha Tahsinaga in 1855.

To the south of this natural masterpiece lies Saint Yeorgios Church, a glorious church built by Christians in honor of the great Saint Yeorgios to reflect their respect for him.

Today, surrounded by discos, bars, tea houses, and cafes, Temenni Hill is a popular destination for tourists. When the famous French architect Felix Marie Charles Texier visited here, he was entranced by its brilliance and even drew a picture of the splendid hill.


There is a remarkable legend associated with Wish Hill. According to the story, once upon a time, a soldier serving the Russian army was captured by the Ottomans and imprisoned in the castle located on the hill. He prayed and wished for his freedom while he was there. Over time, he gained the trust and affection of the Sultan through his actions, and eventually, he was released.

Since this event, people come to Wish Hill to make a wish, which is the reason for its name. The legend has become a part of the hill’s mystique, adding to its allure for visitors who come to experience its magical atmosphere and make their own wishes.


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