The Three Graces are a trio of magnificent fairy chimneys situated in Urgüp, a district of Nevsehir. They are renowned as the most iconic symbol of Urgüp and a breathtaking natural wonder. This extraordinary formation is not only famed for its captivating landscape but also for its incredible history. As a result, tourists from various countries flock to this site to witness its wonder firsthand.


When tourists visit Urgüp, they are inevitably captivated by the unique fairy chimneys known as the Three Beauties, and are drawn to explore their mystic history. According to legend, during the Kingdom Period, a king and his daughter, a princess, lived together peacefully in this area. After the death of his wife, the king became obsessed with his only daughter and worried about her safety, given her extraordinary beauty and charm.

As a result, all the men in the country desired her hand in marriage. However, the princess fell in love with a shepherd, a union that the king strongly disapproved of. Despite his objections, the princess escaped from the palace and secretly married the shepherd.

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Years passed, and the princess gave birth to a baby. She hoped that the birth of their child might convince the king to forgive them, and so she set off for the palace with her family. However, despite the presence of the child, the king showed no mercy and ordered his soldiers to kill the entire family. Fleeing from the soldiers, the princess prayed to God, asking to be transformed into either a stone or a bird. God answered her prayer, and the family was immediately turned into three stones, which stand today as the fairy chimneys known as the Three Beauties (Üç Güzeller). These chimneys symbolize the princess, her husband, and their child.


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