Saratli Underground City, situated in the town of Saratli in Cappadocia is a magnificent masterpiece and a secret treasure that captivates people with its unique historical fabric and it is very close to Aksaray, Turkey.

This mystical city symbolizes a rich and deep history, and is also renowned for its miraculous architectural structure.


After numerous excavations, it has been discovered that the magnificent Saratli Underground City dates back to the Roman (Byzantine) Era. During that time, the city witnessed significant events such as the Crusades and Arab Invasions, which were religious wars of great importance. In order to protect themselves from these wars, attacks, and persecution, the local peasants built many underground cities throughout the Cappadocia region. The remarkable Saratli Underground City was established as a defense mechanism. The ingenious locals created a unique handicraft by building secret tunnels connected to each other and a ventilation system. Today, this place has opened to visitors after extensive renovations and excavations in the 1950s, and it attracts a large number of tourists.


The architectural style of the Saratli Underground City is a source of fascination for both domestic and foreign tourists, as it creates a fantastic ambiance reminiscent of the house of Medusa, the mythological character with snake hair in the movie “Clash of the Titans.”

This extraordinary masterpiece comprises 7 stories, a water well, a movable door (kapı tasi), a wine cellar, a bath, a toilet, a barn, a kitchen, and a total of 40 splendid rooms, all of which are impressive when viewed in their entirety.

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In addition to serving as a sanctuary and defense stronghold, the Saratli Underground City has a network of secret tunnels and galleries that connect it to the homes of local peasants. This passage allowed them to easily reach the underground city and defend against any potential attacks from enemies.

The entry circular doors, which weigh 200 kg and are made of millstone, are 1.5 meters in height and form an integral part of this skilful defense system. The middle part of these doors were hollowed out to allow warriors to shoot arrows and lances, as well as to send messages to determine if there was any problem or danger.

Moreover, the walls of this structure were also hollowed out to hold oil lamps, which illuminated the place and added to its unique ambiance.


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