Guvercinlik Vadisi, Pigeon Valley is one of the longest valleys that defies the passage of time with its unique formation. Located between Goreme and Uchisar districts in Cappadocia, it captivates visitors with its mystical atmosphere.

Not only does it provide a stunning view, but it also offers a vast and level terrain suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as walking, trekking, and hiking. Pigeon Valley invites you to explore a magical world.


After the settlement of Christians in Cappadocia, a historical city in the Roman Era, churches, monasteries, and chapels were built to allow for free worship. During church services, Christians would partake in a ritual where they would dip bread into wine, which symbolized the blood of Jesus Christ. This made wine a holy and important commodity for the townsfolk. As a result, local people began to produce wine. Over time, the best-quality wines from their region, such as the special ‘Esraf’ wine, were made.

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Occasionally, infertility would befall the vineyards that were essential for wine production – a critical event, particularly for Christians. In response to this, numerous projects were set up to revive the vineyards, and authorized personnel conducted various investigations aimed at resolving the issue, yet to no avail. One day, a wise old man appeared and advised the public that they should use pigeon dung as fertilizer for their vineyards. In order to obtain the dung, they had to create a designated area to house the pigeons.

Finally, they built numerous pigeonholes carved into the soft volcanic rocks and used the dung to produce better grapes from their fields. Now, it is evident that the lands of Cappadocia, which have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, are highly suitable for vineyards. So, when you visit, take a moment to appreciate the refreshing atmosphere of Pigeon Valley and make the most of the opportunity.


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