Pasabag Valley is located between the Goreme and Avanos roads. This breathtaking valley is renowned for its magnificent landscape and the most diverse collection of fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. It resembles a museum of fairy chimneys, capturing the imagination of visitors. Moreover, its extraordinary scenery creates a metaphysical world that soothes the spirits of visitors.


Initially, Pasabagi Valley was named ”Monks Valley” due to a mystical story about a monk. According to rumors, in the 4th century, a monk named St. Simeon performed many miracles that made him famous among the locals. Numerous people visited him daily to witness his magic, which eventually disturbed the monk. Therefore, he escaped to today’s Pasabagi Valley to retire and lead a spiritual lifestyle as a hermit in a cell located in this glorious valley. He started living atop a 2-meter-high column and later moved to one 15 meters in height. From there, he only came down sometimes to receive food and drink brought by his apostles.

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Later on, the local peasants carved St. Simeon Chapel into a fairy chimney with three heads as a tribute to him. They also established other chapels, churches furnished with antithetical crosses, and sitting areas within these unique fairy chimneys in this dreamy valley. These structures consist of ovens, living and sleeping quarters, and small, fascinating windows to let in sunlight.

During the Turkish War of Independence, this marvelous valley, including a vineyard belonging to a Pasha (a military rank in Turkish), was part of the conflict. Hence, it is now commonly known as Pasabagi Valley, derived from the Pasha’s name.

Currently, the valley provides peace, quietness, comfort, and amusement, enchanting visitors with its natural beauty that often initiates an inner journey.


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