The renowned Kaymaklı Underground City, situated on Ihlara Road, 10km from Derinkuyu and 20km from Nevsehir, is the widest and most enchanting of the famous underground cities of Cappadocia. It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is remarkably well-preserved and maintained. Its history dates back to the Hittites and Phrygians Period in 3000 BC. It has been used for various purposes throughout its past. Its soft volcanic rock enabled the people of Kaymaklı to build this splendid underground city around their homes for security reasons. Special, secret tunnels link the underground city and the houses. In the event of attack, these private tunnels could be used to temporarily pass through the underground masterpiece for protection.

Additionally, the Kaymaklı Underground City (known as ‘Enegup’ in Greek) was used by the earliest Christians living in the region from the 4th century to protect themselves from religious persecution by building caves and an elaborate labyrinth of narrow tunnels and traps for enemies. Today, it is known to have a church, graveyard, stables, living spaces and communal kitchens within this awe-inspiring structure, and it is thought that around 3,500 people once dwelled there. When opened to visitors in 1964, only four of the eight levels were accessible. Apart from these features, the architectural specialty of this city is sure to captivate all who visit.

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Cappadocia is renowned for its unique architecture, which includes sitting areas, stables, storage rooms, cellars, beautiful carved stone, churches, wineries, kitchens, and emergency provisions. It also has ventilation holes and main chimneys which create an effective system, and bolt stones used as a defense and a mechanism for communication between the floors. Four distinct levels have been uncovered. The first floor was used as an animal house; generally, the barns were placed on the main floors, while hard-to-take animals were kept downstairs. Until the 1960s, this was used as a storehouse by the local people.
The second floor consists of a church with two baptismal fonts and a central core. Near the church is an authorized graveyard for important people. The third floor is larger and fresher than the others, and was used for storage, containing sections for wine, wheat and flour. The fourth floor has huge food storages and narrow tunnels to deter enemies. It also consists of a private kitchen and flour furnaces, reflecting the regular economy of the underground city.


Kaymakli Underground City is one of the most amazing and mysterious places in Turkey, and a visit to this ancient city is an absolute must-see for anyone travelling to this part of the world. Located in the Nevsehir Province of Central Anatolia, the city was built in the 8th and 7th centuries BC and is believed to have been used as a refuge by the local population in times of danger. This awe-inspiring subterranean metropolis is made up of eight levels, all connected by tunnels, and includes living quarters, stables, churches, wineries and food stores.

Visiting Kaymakli Underground City is an unforgettable experience that takes you back thousands of years in time. You will be able to explore the network of tunnels, discover the ancient artifacts and marvel at the ingenious way the city was built. From the Church of St. Barbara to the wine and oil presses, there is so much to discover and learn about this unique underground city.

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