The picturesque Ihlara Valley, with its stunning natural beauty, is located between the Nevsehir and Aksaray roads. It is one of the most unique canyons in the world, captivating visitors with both its breathtaking, awe-inspiring natural scenery and the fascinating churches and monasteries carved into the soft rocks, creating an awesome atmosphere.

This miraculous natural wonder is renowned for the dreamy ‘’Melendiz River,’’ also known as the ‘’Potamus Kapadukus’’ (meaning Cappadocia River). Moreover, this splendid valley, which is 14km long and approximately 150m high, holds great historical importance.


Ihlara Valley was formed thousands of years ago as a result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. During times of war, it was used as a settlement and sanctuary to protect against attacks. In the 4th century, during the Byzantine (Roman) era, Christians used the area as a main religious center and built numerous churches, chapels, and monasteries, such as Sümbüllü Church, Yılanlı Church, Kokar Church, Agacaltı Church, Pürenliseki, Egritas, Kırkdamaltı, Bahattin, and Samanligi Churches. It is believed that the valley hosted more than four thousand dwellings and a hundred cave churches furnished with frescoes.

Aside from these features, this refreshing natural masterpiece was once used as a hermitage and relaxation place by priests and monks. Even today, visitors feel as if they are in paradise and experience an inner journey due to the valley’s mystic atmosphere.

Currently, people visit the valley to take a leisurely stroll, read a book, and relax.

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The Kokar Kilise, also known as The Smelly Church, is located in the main quarter of the valley, between Ihlara Village and the first entrance. It dates back to the 9th century. Due to a landslide, the original entrance has been blocked, and visitors must enter the church through a single nave and tunnel vault ornamented with a large cross motif, using the destroyed gathering (apse).

This magnificent church, painted in a dense grey color, includes a funeral hall and various frescoes reflecting the Gospel, Visitation, Escaping to Egypt, Last Supper, Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ, emphasizing the Genesis, the holy book of Christians.


Located to the south of the entry, the Agacalti Kilise, also known as the Church Under the Tree, is a cross-planned church with a tunnel vault and three abscissas. It is decorated with vegetative and geometrical figures and contains icons of the Flight into Egypt, the Baptism, and the Dormition of the Virgin.


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