Gallipoli National Park in Canakkale was designated as a “Special National Park Area” by the Turkish government in 1973 to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives during the Gallipoli War. A memorial park was created with the help of artists, historians, and engineers to showcase various aspects of the war, including graves, cemeteries, stoas, statues, and walking terraces. War artifacts such as clothes, rifles, guns, helmets, daggers, swords, uniforms, war emplacements, and field artilleries, as well as valuable letters, have been collected from special collections, houses, and archives and can be seen in the various museums within the park.

Gelibolu National Park in Canakkale was opened to visitors in 2005 and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, attracting approximately 10 million visitors annually. The park covers 33,000 acres and offers a peaceful escape with its natural beauty and historical significance, allowing visitors to reflect as they walk among the graves with names, ages, and birthplaces inscribed. The experience may evoke feelings of sadness as visitors learn about the stories behind each memorial.

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There are numerous museums and information centers in the region, all of which are worth visiting for those with ample time. For those with limited time, they can stop at Gallipoli and visit one or two of the main ones. The following are the museums and information centers in the Canakkale region:


The Naval War Museum was established as a military museum under the control of the Turkish Navy on March 18, 1954, the anniversary of the Canakkale Wars.

The museum underwent several renovations until 2012, when it was finally completed in its modern form. It features a castle, a garden, and three floors with a diverse collection of war weapons and artifacts from the region, as well as the Nusrat minelayer ship, which played a significant role in the war.


The first part of the Kabatepe Information Center opened in 1970, with the second part following in 1984. It is open year-round and attracts many visitors each year, making it a worthwhile visit.

The other notable museums, memorials, and cemeteries are:

◉Çamburnu Museum ◉ Ataturk Museum in Bigalı Village ◉ Anafartalar Martrydom ◉ Alçıtepe Martrydom ◉ Karayoruk Dere Martrydom ◉ Kireçdere Martrydom ◉Sahindere Martrydom ◉ Pink Farm ◉ French Cemetery ◉ 12 Tree Corps Cemetery and Anzac Statue ◉ Skew Bridge Cemetery ◉ Green Hill Grave Yard


Visiting Canakkale and Gallipoli is an opportunity to pay homage to the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who lost their lives during one of the most important events in Turkish history. The memorial parks, museums, and cemeteries in the region offer a glimpse into the past and serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made to preserve the nation. Not only does it offer a chance to learn about the past, but it also provides a peaceful escape from the fast-paced world, where visitors can admire the natural beauty of the area and reflect on the significance of the events that took place.

The museums, memorials, and cemeteries are not only of great historical importance, but they are also beautifully designed and well-maintained, providing a unique and meaningful experience for all visitors. The Naval War Museum and the Kabatepe Information Center are particularly noteworthy, offering a comprehensive look at the weapons, artifacts, and stories of the Canakkale Wars. Meanwhile, the Çamburnu Museum, the Ataturk Museum in Bigalı Village, and the various martyrdoms and cemeteries provide additional insight into the events that took place and pay tribute to those who lost their lives.

Visiting Canakkale Gelibolu is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Turkish history and culture, while also experiencing the natural beauty of the region. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for a unique and meaningful travel experience, Canakkale and Gallipoli are sure to deliver.

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