Kaleiçi – the inner castle of Antalya city centre – is one of the most important sights of the old town of medieval Antalya, and is definitely worth a visit due to its beauty and historical value. Despite the fact that a large part of the interior and exterior walls have been destroyed, the horseshoe shaped castle still encircles the old part of the city, known as “Kale içi” by the locals. The walls were built and restored in the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods as a collaborative effort.

The inner castle of Antalya boasts eighty watch towers, spaced fifty meters apart, and is home to approximately three thousand old Turkish houses with tiled roofs. Ancient sources suggest that prior to the foundation of Attaleia, there was a pirate port here by the name of Korykos, due to the protective cliffs of the ancient city of Kaleici Marina. Korykos, meaning burrow of rock, made this port both important and a safe haven due to its natural structure. The walls, inscribed with ancient symbols, were well-protected and used until the 19th century. Today, the walls of the towers, the ruins of Hadrian’s Gate, and the Clock Tower are the only remnants of the lengthy and attractive city walls.

Narrow streets within the city walls extend upwards from the harbor and are bounded by walls on the west, north, and east sides. Fluted Minaret, Cyrus Madrasa, Karatay Madrasa, Pier Mosque, and Monopoly Mahmut Pasa Mosque are some of the important historical monuments within the city walls, showcasing different time periods of old Attelia city. The stunning view of the old town harbor during both day and night has been a source of inspiration for international painters, poets, and writers. The limited length of the streets makes them well-protected from different empires and kings.

old village houses in kale ici antalya walls of kaleici antalya turkey entrance of kale ici antalya inner castle streets of kale ici antalya turkey old houses and shops in antalya kaleici kaleici antalya port


The houses in Kale içi region provide not only an insight into the distinct architectural history of Antalya, but also offer a glimpse into the lifestyle, customs, and traditions of the region. These two- or three-storey structures typically feature an intermediate floor with a rocky courtyard below it, where guests were entertained. Other components of the lower floor include wells, quarries, barns, warehouses, and the areas in which daily life activities took place. The walls surrounding these departments ensure both privacy and protection.

The internal stairwell connecting the first floor mezzanine to the courtyard provides a transition. The intermediate floor is used as a warehouse in the summer, and as a storage room in the winter. The top floor rooms open onto a hall that connects them, each with their own sofa, making it easier to live with comfort and convenience.

In 1972, the region of Antalya Kaleiçi (Inner Castle) and the old city neighbourhood were declared as a “Protected Area under Restoration” by the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Monuments of Turkey due to its unique texture, and the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey soon began restoring it according to a grand master plan. This restoration was completed within ten years, and in 1984, the restoration work of Kaleiçi was awarded the Golden Apple Tourism Oscar by the International Association of Tourism Writers. Today, Kaleiçi has become the entertainment centre of Antalya city with boutique hotels, pensions, night clubs, restaurants and bars. Tourists who spend the night in Antalya often choose to spend some time here, whether eating or having fun.


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