Alanya, also known as Alaiye in Turkish history, is one of the most renowned holiday resorts in the Antalya region and is noted for its location on the Turkish Riviera. It is situated in the southern part of Turkey, which boasts a long and beautiful coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. The town is located about 135 km away from the center of Antalya city and belongs to the Antalya province.

Alanya is famous among Europeans due to its favorable geography and pleasant climate. More than fifteen thousand people have already purchased either summer houses or villas to settle down or live in throughout the year. This is why Alanya has become an international town on the Mediterranean coast with a mixture of nationalities.


Alanya is situated on a peninsula surrounded by the Taurus Mountains range with forests, located within the Turkish Riviera boundaries. Its neighbors are Manavgat to the south, Gundogmus to the east, Taskent to the northwest, and Gazipasa to the southeast. The town boasts a 70 km long shoreline which is open to tourism throughout the year.

Gazipasa airport is conveniently located close to Alanya, approximately 30 km away, making it easily accessible by air from all European destinations, as well as by cruise ships from Mediterranean ports. Alanya enjoys good weather all year round, with hot summers and warm winters.


The exact date of Alanya’s founding is unknown, but the area was referred to in ancient times as either Pamphylia or Cilicia, due to its location on the boundary between the two regions. Throughout its long history, Alanya has served as an important military base for the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans.

During Roman times, the town was known as Korakesium, which was later changed to Kalanoros during the Byzantine period. When the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat conquered the town, he renamed it “Alaiye,” which became one of the most famous port bases of the Seljuk Turks.

The Sultan also constructed a shipyard, a fortress, a winter palace, and a red tower in Alaiye to establish dominance over the whole region. In 1243, the town was taken over by the Mongols, and later it was ruled by the Karamans for a brief period. When the Seljuk Empire collapsed, Alaiye was sold to the Mamluks for 5000 gold coins by the Karamans.

In 1471, it was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire and used as a naval base. A hundred years later, in 1571, Alaiye became part of the Cyprus State, and in 1864, it became the banner of the Konya Province. Later, it became the starboard of Antalya, and finally, in 1871, it became a district of Antalya city. When the Turkish Republic was established in 1923, the name was changed to Alanya as ordered by Atatürk, and it became a town in the Antalya province.


Alanya now has a significant share in the country’s tourism industry. Each year, more than five million holidaymakers spend their summer vacations in Alanya. It has a great reputation as one of the most famous holiday resorts not only in European countries but also in America and Asia. According to the latest census, around fifteen thousand Europeans have been living in Alanya in recent years. The town’s location, living conditions, climate, and transportation make Alanya worth visiting and living in.

Especially German and Scandinavian people enjoy living and purchasing houses here due to the excellent weather, affordable living costs, and the famous Turkish hospitality. Although tourism has a short history in Alanya and developed after the 1980s, it has become an important source of income for the town, with around 200,000 beds suitable for all budgets and a mixture of nationalities. Foreign enterprises are still investing to expand the hotel bed capacity at the moment.


The Alanya Castle, built on a peninsula that rises 250 meters above sea level, has walls that stretch about seven kilometers in length with watchtowers placed every 100 meters. The castle was constructed by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat after he conquered the area and renamed the town. He began rebuilding the city, starting with the castle. The Alanya Castle is the second largest castle in Turkey, featuring 83 towers and 140 bastions. Within the castle walls are 400 cisterns embedded in the walls that were constructed to provide water to the medieval city, and many of these cisterns are still in use today. The Alanya Castle is an open-air museum and is a must-visit for tourists. The castle offers magnificent walls and a splendid view of the sea from the towers. Inside the walls, visitors can observe the remains of cisterns, a church, a mosque, a palace, a bathhouse, and the city walls leading to the Red Tower underneath.

The Red Tower is located at the base of Alanya Castle and was constructed to control sea traffic in the area. The tower was completed five years after the conquest of Alanya and has been used for military purposes for centuries to protect the shipyard against potential attacks from the sea. The tower has an eight-square plan and rises 33 meters above the ground with five stories. Despite its impressive appearance and size, the entrance door to the tower is relatively small, requiring visitors to tilt their heads to enter. Visitors can climb 87 stairs to reach the top and take in the stunning scenery of Alanya. Each floor has its unique features, such as arrow slits and hot oil spill loopholes, some of which were used during times of war. At the top, visitors can also see the cistern mouth rising from the middle of the ground floor space. The tower has a door leading to the castle, and in the past, visitors could travel through a narrow road to safely reach the Sultan’s palace. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism restored the Red Tower in 1948.


After the conquest of Alanya, Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat aimed to establish control over the seas, and two years later, he built the shipyard. The shipyard consists of five large sections, where war ships were made, along with a mosque and soldiers’ barracks. The dockyard of five arches was designed to maximize the use of daylight. The Alanya Shipyard was the first of its kind for the Seljuks in the Mediterranean. During the Ottoman period, the shipyard was expanded to build large war ships, establishing it as an important sea base for the Mediterranean fleet.


An arsenal was built on a rock 10 meters high and very close to the shipyard in order to protect it. It was constructed in 1227 using cut stone and has a three-story rectangular structure. It is also known that large balls were stored in the arsenal to be used against warships.


The Damlatas Cave is located on the western foot of the peninsula and is approximately 3 kilometers away from downtown. The cave was discovered by chance in 1948, during the construction of the Alanya port when a stove was being blasted. The entrance to the cave consists of a 50-meter passage, which leads to a cylindrical cavity that leads to the cave’s floor. The stalactites and stalagmites found in the crystallized limestone are believed to have formed over a period of 15 thousand years. The cave is named “Damlatas” due to the ongoing water drops that drip from the stalactites.

The cave is well-known for its enchanting beauty and is popular among patients with asthma. The air in the cave remains constant throughout the year, with a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, a humidity level of 95 percent, and a constant pressure of 760 mA. The atmosphere in the cave contains 71 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, carbon dioxide, and 8 percent radioactive ions. Medical treatment for asthma patients is available, with a 21-day course under the supervision of doctors. Visitors can pay a small fee for entrance, and there are small markets around the area. The Damlatas Cave also has a lovely beachfront.


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