The famous Yalibolu Houses in Amasya are peacefully situated between the fortress cliff and the river bank, providing visitors with a captivating view. These houses are a fine example of traditional Ottoman art style that is still evident today.


The history of these homes dates back to the great Ottoman period between the 19th and 20th centuries. During this time, the citizens of the Ottoman Empire resided in these magnificent buildings. Initially, the Romans inhabited this area, constructing magnificent city walls to defend against enemy invasions. However, later on, the Ottomans arrived, and upon finding the old city walls, established the present-day Yalıbolu houses.

Over time, these structures have been repeatedly renovated and protected, and they currently serve various functions, such as hotels, bars, cafes, and restaurants. These functions attract many tourists to the area.

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The Amasya Yalıbolu Houses boast an incredible architectural structure, reflecting the Ottoman Civil Architectural Style. These two-story homes consist of Haremlik and Selamlık (Salutation) sections. The Haremlik section was a private area exclusively used by the homeowner and their family, while the Salutation section was generally open to the public, including guests and visitors. A beautiful gate including a water well, courtyard, and furnace can also be found between these two spaces.

Additionally, the Yalıbolu Houses contain a mansion called Sahnis or Sahn-I Sirin, breathtaking rooms surrounded by special sofas (halls), cantilevered balconies, and stunning guillotine oriel windows. Moreover, while the first floor was constructed with stone or concrete, the second floor was furnished with wooden and grooved tiles.


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