The Amasya Sultan Beyazid II Complex is a masterpiece of Ottoman civil architecture, located on the south coast of Yesilırmak in Amasya. It was built by the renowned architect Semseddin Ahmet between 1482 and 1486 for the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II. This magnificent structure consists of a mosque, a workhouse, a water tank with a fountain, a madrasah, and the Shahzadah (Sultan’s son) Osman Mausoleum.


According to the Amasya history author, Hüseyin Hüsameddin, and other researchers, Sultan Beyazıt II commissioned his son Mehmet to build this fascinating structure as a gift to Amasya, where he had spent many years. The complex was then established.

Unfortunately, the building was damaged in an earthquake in 1651, but it was later renovated in 1669 by Ibrahim Agha and Ahmed Pashazade Hacı Ali Agha. Despite sustaining damage over time, the Sultan Bayezid II Complex has been repaired and preserved, and can still be admired today.

interior of sultan bayezid II complex exterior of sultan beyazıt complex amasya sultan bayezid complex amasya sultan bayezid complex architecture of sultan bayezid compex turkey backyard of sultan beyazıt II complex
The magnificent Sultan Bayezid II Complex was constructed using cut stone, with its narthex adorned with five domes made of green marble. The narthex windows were beautifully decorated with blue-white tile panels. The complex features a minaret with two balconies and a T-shaped design. The domes and arches were ornately decorated with calligraphy, and the mihrab, made of red and white marble, includes a section of the Quran called Ayet-el Kürsi.

The Sadirvan, a twelve-sided water tank with a fountain, is covered with a pyramid-shaped roof. The stunning courtyard is enclosed by a wall with six doors and is adorned with monuments and old trees dating back 500 years. Within the courtyard lies a mosque, madrasah, hospice, cellar, and mausoleum. The U-shaped madrasah, located to the west of the mosque, was built in 1486 and has been used as a library since 1922.

A visit to Amasya is not complete without experiencing the enchanting beauty and incredible architectural features of the Sultan Bayezid II Complex, as well as its mystical ambiance.


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