The Kings Rock Tombs are one of the most magnificent works of art in Amasya, formed by a fascinating natural wonder. These famous tombs were carved into the limestone rocks on the slopes of Mount Harsena, creating a highly impressive archaeological structure that serves as an open-air museum for visitors.


The history of this marvelous construction dates back to the Hellenistic Period (333-26 BC), during the time of the Pontus Empire. It was highly important to bury the kings in a special place after their death. Therefore, holes were made in the soft rocks to embed them, which symbolized the valuable ritual of life beyond.

In addition to serving as tombs, the King’s Rock Tombs were also used as a prison and a hermitage during the Byzantine era. During the reign of the great Byzantine Emperor Mithridates IV, guilty ambassadors of Rome and other citizens were imprisoned in this wonderful structure.

Furthermore, during the Seljuk period in 1075, the time of Sultan Melik Ahmed Danismend Gazi, Christian monks, priests, and hermits used this dreamy place as an ashram (hermitage).

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The King’s Rock Tombs consist of a total of 21 graves, although some of them may not be visible today. This splendid graveyard also includes secret tunnels, caves, and large doors that stand at 2 to 3 meters high. There are various tombs with different names, such as the Great King Tombs, Trinity King Graves, and Aynalı Caves, which are a type of graveyard.

Today, this site is visited by numerous domestic and foreign tourists from different countries, with various cultures, traditions, and customs. It provides these visitors with a mystical atmosphere through its magical natural formation and enchanting landscape, which dominates all of Amasya.

Therefore, when you visit this place, take a moment to lean back, open your eyes, and listen to the refreshing silence while you read a book.


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