The magnificent masterpiece, pride and joy of Amasya, is the renowned Amasya Castle (Amasya Kalesi), which sits on the Hasan Mountain to the west of the Yesilirmak River, in the city centre. According to Western historians, this awe-inspiring structure was built by Pontus King Mithridates during the Hellenistic Period.


Surrounded by city walls and the Yesilırmak River, the castle has a rich history spanning from the Hellenistic and Roman (Byzantine) era to the Ottoman and Seljuk periods. Throughout this time, the castle served mainly for military purposes and defense, providing security and protection to people from enemy attacks and conquerors.

Furthermore, after the Ankara War, Ottoman Sultan Celebi Mehmet sought refuge in this castle due to his defeat, which is a testament to the advantageous geographical location of the Amasya Fortress that provides a secure environment. In addition, the noble and wealthy citizens of Amasya once stored their valuable materials, items, gold, and money in this enchanting castle to safeguard them against burglars and thieves.

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The castle’s architecture is a splendid and complex feature as every civilization has left their cultural and traditional mark on it. As a result, the Amasya Castle incorporates cisterns, water tanks, ruins of Turkish baths also known as Hammams, reflecting the Ottoman Empire, the rock tombs of Pontus Kings carved into the soft rock, arsenals (armouries), warehouses, ruins of mosques, dungeons, and a secret passage named Cilanbolu, which has 150 steps and an 8m diameter.

Additionally, this castle has four unique gates; Helkis, Maydonos, Meydan, and Saray doors. It is also divided into two parts, Asagi Kale (Below Castle) and Yukari Kale (Upper Castle).

Today, this magnificent structure boasts a dreamy landscape and dominates the whole city, allowing visitors to witness Içeri Sehir, Kızlar Sarayı (Girls Palace), Harsena, Istasyon, and Hükümet Bridges, as well as the famous Amasya Homes and mosques that capture their attention.


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